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Check tags to see all the different types of stuff i post! Who needs a boyfriend when you got Austin Mahone and a great imagination. This is a side blog therefore I can't follow back!



You’re sitting in your living room, your parents are out and you brother is at a sleep over. You’re in the middle of watching your favourite TV show when you here a bang from upstairs. You pause the show and grab your brothers baseball bat from the bottom of the stairs before walking up, you walk past each room and when you reach yours you can hear shuffling coming from inside. You put your hand on the handle in haling a big breath and then open the door, as soon as you do you shout “WHO’S IN HERE?” you drop the bat when you see who it isĀ ”Jesus Austin I thought you were a murderer or something.” he just laughs walking closer to you,

"sorry babe" he leans in to kiss you but you push him away,

"nu uh you don’t deserve a kiss after giving me a heart attack, why did you come through my window when there is a front door"

"I didn’t know if your parents were here or not"

you look at him confused “why does that have anything to do with you using the window..”

"if I knocked on the door and your mum or dad answered they wouldnt let me in cause its like 10 now and I really wanted to see you so…"

you slap him on the arm “you could of at least texted me letting me know you were coming. They aint here by the way”

Austin smirks walking closer and puts his arms around your waist “they are not here huh, so we can make as much noise as we want to…” he leans in and kisses you, you kiss back and after a few seconds tongues are involved and he’s pushing you towards the bed. He starts kissing down you neck and pulls you top of, he goes back to your lips, “I want you so much right now” he moans into your mouth. You push him away, “wait what about pro-” you get cut off when his lips attach to yours again,

"I have a condom in my pocket, don’t worry I come prepared"

You push him you you’re now on top of him straddling his waist, you look into his eyes and all you can see if pure love, you lean down and kiss him but it doesn’t last long “I love you” you whisper,

"I love you too (Y/N" he says, kissing you softly but things soon get heated again.

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