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Anonymous: have you listened to austins leaked album?

It wasn’t leaked, it’s out in New Zealand, and yes I listen to his album.

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Anonymous: Post more! Love your blog it's the best ! -mahomie

If I stop being lazy then I should be able to do loads next week :)

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AU: Austin is your boyfriend and is on tour during your birthday.

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I’m writing imagines ohhh so I will post a couple tonight YAY!

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In one week The Secret is out….but 11:11 just came out yesterday…omg he’s come so far I’m so proud of that dorky kid!

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Austin Mahone | iPhone 5 wallpapers

I got bored so i made two iPhone 5 backgrounds. Should I make more?! Let me know what you think!

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Austin Mahone One Shot (short) | Disneyland

"Oh looks it’s Mickey let’s go take a picture" Austin says, pointing to where Mickey is.

"Oh my gosh you’re so childish" you say shaking you head, "but you still love me" he replies, "now let’s go get a picture."

Austin grabs you hand and you go over to Mickey, he gives you his phone and stands next to Mickey, “ready?” you ask, “ready.”

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Anonymous: How do i submit?

to submit click HERE

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