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Anonymous: If u gonna do an imagine of Austin mahone can u not tag other celebrities like.I get it u want followers but it's annoying

I don’t tag other celebs lol

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3AM Confession | Austin Mahone One Shot

I’m woken up by my phone going off at 2:30am. I pick it up without looking at who is calling, “what?” I say with an annoyed voice, I really don’t like being woken up.

"Well hi to you too." As soon as I hear his voice I smile, he’s the only person that’s allowed to wake me up at this time, "meet me at the park in 30 minutes? I have something to show you?"

"Can it not wait until tomorrow?" I start getting up already knowing the answer, as soon as Austin wants something he can’t wait, so if he wants pizza he will get pizza, if he wants to sleep he will sleep and the same goes for showing people things like his music, he hates waiting.

"Nope. Meet me at 3. Bye." He hangs up before I have the chance to reply.

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Anonymous: have you listened to austins leaked album?

It wasn’t leaked, it’s out in New Zealand, and yes I listen to his album.

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Anonymous: Post more! Love your blog it's the best ! -mahomie

If I stop being lazy then I should be able to do loads next week :)

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