Austin Mahone Imagines (and more)

imagine time. gonna do a few! if you have any suggestions let me know them by sending us an ask!

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I started making a fan video thing for Austin but never finished it, this is the beginning of it and I was wondering if I should complete it??? Shall I??

It will have videos align with pics in it you’ll see

send me a message or tweet me if you want me to!

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The preorder for Austin Mahone’s new single “Mmm Yeah” feat. Pitbull is only 69 cents on iTunes! Help launch it into the top 5!

Listen to the full song HERE!
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Anonymous: Do you still do imagines?

yes I just haven’t had time to do them :) I will try and do a couple tonight 

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You guys should come talk to me I don’t bite or anything just hit up my ask box and we can be friends!

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Anonymous: hi :) i made a new blog i'm barely starting on it so i was kinda hoping you would tell your followers about it. help a mahomie out? i'll post pictures of austin on there too. my blog is goldenfxves :) thank you so much!

Go follow her new blog! Click here to go to it :)

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Anonymous: How do you make your picture imagines like that? Is it an app or something?

not an app, i just use pixlr to but text on a white background then find a gif or pic to go with it, it’s easy :)

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On this blog we post imagines, one shots, AU memes and sometimes edits.

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This is a side blog therefore I can't follow back!

Enjoy the blog!
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